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Stats Calculator for Exams

Potentially useful tool for calculating statistics on exam results


Some resources developed by Dr Seán Lacey:

Example of how to use the summary statistics calculator for exam results

Summary statistics calculator for exam results

Summary statistics calculator for exam results (Mac compatible)


The Excel files contain macros which generate summary statistics for student examination marks which the department hope might prove to be useful to the wider CIT community. Many thanks to our colleague Dr Seán Lacey who produced these macros for use and to the Teaching and Learning Unit for their continued support of the mathematics learning community.

We, in the Department of Mathematics, trialled the use of the examination mark statistics calculator at our most recent MEB meetings in January, with extremely positive feedback from our external examiners.

In relation to the two attachments:

  • The first displays an example of how data can be inputted (missing results allowed). The Summary Statistics (blue button) just needs to be clicked, with summary statistics outputted.
  • The second is the same as the first, except with an additional Click here to reset button and the sample marks removed. It is the file that you might like to use yourself, if you feel the output would be of use to you at your MEB, PAB, etc.


Some points of note when it comes to the calculator:

  • The main requirement for the macro to work is for the marks to be entered in Number format. This is mentioned in the Excel file.
  • The macro is designed to only do statistics on a maximum of 1000 student marks. If a more robust macro is required, then please feel free to let us know.
  • Marks in the distribution tables, included in the summary statistics output, are rounded as per WFF – e.g., 69.4% = 69.0%, 69.5% = 70.0%, etc.