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Vincent Cregan Profile




Office: D255




I am an industrial applied mathematician lecturing in the Cork Department of Mathematics in Munster Technological University. I was awarded my PhD in Industrial Applied Mathematics from the University of Limerick in 2012. I then received funding for a one-year post-doctoral industrial fellowship co-funded by RUSAL Aughinish Alumina Ltd and the Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry (MACSI). Following this I was a la Caixa postdoctoral fellow in the Industrial Mathematics Research Group in the Centre de Recerca Matematica (CRM) in Barcelona, Spain. Prior to CIT I was a postdoctoral research fellow co-funded by MACSI and the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre. 



Research Interests

My research is motivated by applying mathematical techniques to real world problems and the development of practical solutions for industry. I am interested in describing industrial processes using systems of ordinary and partial differential equations, and then solving them using the complementary approach of asymptotic approximation and numerical analysis. My main research interests are: 

  • Industrial applied mathematics
  • Heat transfer models
  • Fluid flow problems
  • Nanoscience phenomena
  • Moving boundary problems  

I am currently working on problems involving particle motion, stain removal in the pharmaceutical industry and nanoparticle growth in solution.


Selected Publications

Here are some selected publications. For more detailed information on my publications see my Google Scholar profile here.

  • C. Fanelli, V. Cregan, F. Font and T.G. Myers. Modelling nanocrystal growth via the precipitation method. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. 165(A), 120643, 2021.
  • V. Cregan, J. Williams, T.G. Myers. Contact melting of a rectangular block with temperature-dependent properties. International Journal of Thermal Sciences 150, 106218, 2020.
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  • G.J. O'Keefe, S.L. Mitchell, T.G. Myers and V. Cregan. Modelling the efficiency of a low-profile nanofluid-based direct absorption parabolic trough solar collector. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. 126(B), 613--624, 2018.
  • T.G. Myers, H. Ribera Ponsa and V. Cregan. Does mathematics contribute to the nanofluid debate? International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. 111, 279--288, 2017.
  • V. Cregan and T.G. Myers. Modelling the efficiency of a nanofluid direct absorption collector. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. 90, 505--514, 2015.
  • V. Cregan, S.B.G. O'Brien, J.P.F. Charpin and K. Cronin. Temperature evolution in a partially submerged approximate cheese cylinder. Journal of Food Engineering. 115(3): 398--406. 2013. 
  • V. Cregan and S.B.G. O'Brien. Higher order asymptotic solutions for spin-coating with evaporation. Applied Mathematics and Computation. 223, 76--87, 2013. 
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