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Research Supervision

PhD (Level 10)

  • Marcin Dziduch, PhD, 2016 – present
    • Title: Analysis of artificial neuron activation functions applied in Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Joann Caverly, PhD, 2016 – present
    • Title: The Applications of Statistical and Mathematical models for the Assessment of Clinical Laboratory data in Large Hospital Laboratories

Masters (Level 9)

  • Sandeep Rathore, MSc in Data Science & Analytics, 2021
    • Title: Standardising the summary and reporting of data across academic units within CIT
  • Mayura Parge, MSc in Data Science & Analytics, 2021
    • Title: Use of Data Science Techniques to Quantify the Uncertainty in General Insurance Claims

  • Harshika PareekMSc in Data Science & Analytics, 2020

    • Title: An Application to Irish Wind Generation Forecasts

  • ​Aryana Collins Jackson, MSc in Data Science & Analytics, 2018

  • Joann Caverly, MSc in Computational Biology, 2014
    • Title: An Appraisal of the Mathematical Equations Employed to Estimate the Glomerular Filtration Rate from Enzymatic Creatinine Values
  • Adam Clooney, MSc in Computational Biology, 2013
    • Title: Quantifying Elite Athlete Performance based on Munster Rugby GPS Data

Higher Diploma (Level 8)

  • Daniel Farkas, HDipSc in Data Science & Analytics, 2015

    • Title: Optothermal Switching in Optically Injected Quantum Dot Lasers

  • Pádraig Dineen, HDipSc in Data Science & Analytics, 2014
    • Title: Quantifying GAA Footballers physiological performance using Cork Senior Footballers GPS data
  • Emmet Hynes, HDipSc in Data Science & Analytics, 2014

    • Title: A competitor analysis of CAO applicants’ preferences between 2004 and 2013 from the perspective of the Cork Institute of Technology