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QUestionaAiRes – Training In planning and Launching Effective Surveys


QUARTILES is a Teaching & Learning Unit funded project within the Department of Mathematics, which endeavors to develop resources to help support the wider CIT community with questionnaire design. With a prevalence of questionnaire usage across the Institute, we believe that these resources will be of benefit to administrators, students, lecturers, project supervisors and researchers who are currently designing questionnaires or plan on doing so in the future.

Project Team

Maretta Brennan, Dr Michael Brennan, Dr Clodagh Carroll, Dr Julie CrowleyDr David GouldingDr Seán LaceyDr J.P. McCarthy, Dr Marie Nicholson, Dr Declan O’Connor, Dr Violeta Morari, Sarah Murphy, Dr Catherine Palmer, Dr Noreen Quinn.

Information Session

An information session on QUARTILES was held on Friday October 4th from 13:00 – 14:00 in D160. During this session we outlined the resources that we will develop and discussed whether there are other issues around questionnaire design that could be supported by the project. The slides from the session can be found here.


  • General Considerations and Ten Tips
  • Interactive video on the Qualities of Good Questions in Questionnaire Design.

  • Response rate calculator for surveys
  • We are currently developing more online resources relating to:
    • Guidelines on Order of Questions, Questionnaire Length and Question Wording;
    • Sampling Methods;
    • Guidelines on Statistical Analysis;
    • Demonstration of using an Online Survey Platform.


Part of Conversations on Teaching & Learning Seminar Series

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