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Maths4Teachers Programme

Professional Diploma in Mathematics for Teaching


In response to a report which found that 48% of teachers teaching mathematics at post-primary level had no qualification in mathematics teaching, the National Centre for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching and Learning (NCE-MSTL) based at the University of Limerick began leading the delivery of the national programme for upskilling out-of-field teachers of mathematics.

The NCE-MSTL leads a national consortium of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) including Cork Institute of Technology and the awarding institution(s) is University of Limerick/ National University of Ireland Galway.


The conferring of awards on the first graduands of the Professional Diploma in Mathematics for Teaching

Since September 2012, the Department of Mathematics has been involved in the delivery of this new Professional Diploma in Mathematics for Teaching, and indeed CIT Department of Mathematics Staff have led some of the module deliveries including Statistics and Calculus 3.

This programme is designed to qualify out-of-field mathematics teachers (that is, teachers who are teaching maths but who do not hold a recognised qualification to do so). The Professional Diploma is a part-time two year course that is entirely funded by the Department of Education and Skills.

It is not necessary to have any prior mathematics in your degree to be eligible to apply for the programme. The only requirement is that you are currently teaching mathematics in a post-primary school and the principal will have to sign off on this. The idea is to provide these teachers with appropriate subject matter and pedagogical knowledge in relation to mathematics.  There will be no cost involved for any teacher currently teaching mathematics in the Republic of Ireland.

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