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Let's Do Maths

The CIT Department of Mathematics runs an annual event for all CIT students, THE LEE FIELDS MEDAL --- CIT MATHS CHALLENGE to decide which currently-registered CIT student is the best mathematician on campus. The Department of Mathematics puts together a challenging paper of ten questions in which CIT Students put their mathematical prowess against the best mathematicians in CIT. The questions are based on mathematics no more advanced that what appears in the Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level syllabus... but this doesn't mean that the questions are easy!!

Year Overall Winner Second Overall Best First Year Best Level 7    
2019 Paschal Mullins Yi Ming Tan Sofia Dolera Perez Shane Allen Paper Solutions
2018 Damien Murphy Shane O'Sullivan Paschal Mullins n/a Paper Solutions


Oh... and there are cash prizes!! €50 for Best First Year Undergraduate, €50 for Best Level 7 Student, €50 for Second Overall, and €100 (and a medal) for Winner Overall. Report on first two years here.