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Exam Advice

On the one hand, taking maths exam is like sitting any other exam. On the other hand, maths is a very precise and logical subject, and hence the expectation of you to produce accurate results that make sense. The advice below is intended to help you achieve this.

  • Solve all the homework problems well before the exams. Learning happens over time not overnight!
  • In an exam, read questions properly and understand what you are asked to do.
  • Upon solving a problem be sure to check

(a) if you have fully answered the question;

(b) whether your answer makes sense.

  • If your answer doesn’t make sense (e.g. you find that Mary’s height is 5 metres or a table’s length is 90 cm), at the very least state that the answer is wrong. Try to find the error and correct it.
  • Where there is time, check your solutions for accuracy. With equations you can check your solution by substitution.