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HDip in Data Science and Analytics

Programme Overview

The past few years has seen a huge increase in the quantity of data collected by firms across a variety of industries. This growth in data collection has been combined with a significant reduction in data storage costs. The amount of data produced every day is in excess of 2.5 quintillion bytes, but that value is rapidly accelerating with the growth of smart devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). Over the last two years alone over 90 percent of the data ever created in the world was generated. There is a significant challenge in the storage, analysis and interpretation of such vast quantities of data and as a result data science and analytics has become an in demand occupation across a wide variety of industries seeking to maintain competitiveness.

The Higher Diploma in Science in Data Science & Analytics (NFQ Level 8) in Cork Institute of Technology, a collaboration between the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Computer Science, has been designed in collaboration with industry experts to reflect the true interdisciplinary nature of data science and analytics. The programme aims to develop highly skilled and competent graduates in the rapidly expanding fields of data science and data analytics. The focus of the course is to ensure that graduates develop core skills in programming, database management, statistical modelling, time series analysis, machine learning, data visualisation and interpretation and serves to address the significant skills shortage in the area of data science and data analytics. 

The programme reflects the true interdisciplinary nature of data science and data analytics which draws from statistics, mathematics, computer science, machine learning and business intelligence. With this in mind, particular care has been taken to ensure the development of each strand – Statistics & Mathematics, Computer Science and Data Science – throughout the programme. Furthermore, the programme will provide the learner with the opportunity to integrate and synthesise the learning acquired in each of these fields, and to apply these skills to real-life problems in the data analytics sphere. For a detailed look at the programme schedule please click the button above or click here.


Application Process

For further information on how to apply for the Higher Diploma in Data Science and Analytics at Cork Institute of Technology, please click the "Apply Now" button.