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Seán Lacey


Dr Seán Lacey received his BSc in Mathematical Sciences and Computing (1.1) from the University of Limerick (UL) in 2003, and his PhD in Applied Mathematics from UL in 2008. He lectured in the Institute of Technology, Tralee (ITT), University of Limerick (UL), Shannon College of Hotel Management, Mary Immaculate College (MIC) and the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG), before he took up a position in the Department of Mathematics, Cork Institute of Technology, in March 2011.  He has served as chair of the Research & Innovation Committee in CIT since 2016.  Dr Lacey is also chair of the Department of Mathematics Research Committee.


He has worked as lead statistician on numerous clinical trial studies and real word data studies.  These studies were wide reaching and varied and involved, for example: Creating randomisation schedules; Powering studies; Outlining a Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP); Compiling a detailed statistical report on a study’s findings and Clinical Study Report (CSR).  Dr Lacey has active collaborations with APC Microbiome Institute, University College Cork (UCC), Kemmy Business School and EPI-STEM UL and the Agri-Food Graduate Development Programme by University College Dublin (UCD), UCC and Teagasc.  He is currently involved in the supervision of two post-graduate students.


Dr Lacey has lectured on a wide range of programmes, in the Departments of Biological Sciences; Physical Sciences; Computer Science; Electrical & Electronic Engineering; Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering; Mechanical, Biomedical & Manufacturing Engineering, in CIT. He has been involved in the design and implementation of two programmes in the Department of Mathematics: Higher Diploma in Science in Data Science and Analytics; Masters in Science in Data Science and Analytics.  Dr Lacey provides mathematical and statistical support to Level 8, 9 & 10 project students of the Faculty of Engineering & Science.


Dr Lacey has been lead statistician on over 25 studies, designed and delivered over 60 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshops, is a co-author on 10 peer-reviewed research papers; has presented at 8 conferences, and is a co-author on over 15 conference presentations.



  • BSc in Mathematical Sciences & Computing

September 1999 – May 2003                                             University of Limerick

  • PhD in Applied Mathematics (Models of Rimming Flows)

September 2003 – November 2007                                  University of Limerick


Current Teaching

Lecturer to Level 8, 9 & 10 students across a range of departments – e.g., Biological Sciences; Physical Sciences; Computer Science; Electrical & Electronic Engineering; Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering; Mechanical, Biomedical & Manufacturing Engineering, Marketing & International Business, etc.

Research support to Level 8, 9 & 10 project students of the Faculty of Engineering & Science in relation to mathematical and statistical aspects of their projects.



  • Academic Council, CIT
  • Academic Council Executive Committee, CIT
  • Postgraduate Regulations Board, CIT
  • Chair of the Research & Innovation Committee, CIT
  • Chair of the Department of Mathematics Research Committee, CIT

Research Supervision

  • Adam Clooney, MSc in Computational Biology, 2013
  • Joann Caverly, MSc in Computational Biology, 2014
  • Pádraig Dineen and Emmet Hynes, HDipSc in Data Science & Analytics, 2014
  • Marc Ó Donnagáin and Daniel Farkas, HDipSc in Data Science & Analytics, 2015
  • Marcin Dziduch, PhD, 2016 – present:
    • Title: Analysis of artificial neuron activation functions applied in Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Joann Caverly, PhD, 2016 – present:
    • Title: The Applications of Statistical and Mathematical models for the Assessment of Clinical Laboratory data in Large Hospital Laboratories

Peer reviewed scientific papers

1.            Merrotsy A., McCarthy A.L., Flack J., Lacey S., Coppinger T. Project Spraoi: Dietary Intake, Nutritional Knowledge, Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Health Markers of Irish Primary School Children International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition, 2018, 7;

2.            McGahan J., Burns C., Lacey S., Gabbett T., O’ Neill C. An investigation in to the positional running demands of elite Gaelic football players: how competition data can inform training practice The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, February 2018

3.            O’ Leary M., Coppinger T. , O’Neill C., Lacey S., Rush E., Burns C., Health-related Measures of 6- and 10-year-old Irish Primary School Children by Sex and School Socio-economic Status Journal of Health Behavior and Policy Review, Volume 5 Number 3 May/June 2018;

4.            O’Leary M., Rush E., Lacey S., Burns C., Coppinger T. Cardiorespiratory Fitness is Positively Associated with Waist to Height Ratio and School Socio Economic Status in Irish Primary School Aged Children Journal of Sport and Health Research, November 2017;

5.            Bolger L.E., Bolger L.A., O’Neill C., Coughlan E., O’Brien W., Lacey S., Burns C. Age and Sex Differences in Fundamental Movement Skills Among a Cohort of Irish School Children Journal of Motor Learning and Development, September 2017;

6.            Cudmore S., Doolan A., Lacey S., Shanahan F. A Randomised, Double-blind, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Study: The effects of a symbiotic, Lepicol®, in Adults with Chronic, Functional Constipation International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition ISSN: 0963-7486 (Print) 1465-3478 (Online), October 2016;

7.            Sargent C., O’Mahony J., Lacey S., Gebruers C. The Development and Optimisation of a Quantitative Physical Fitness Scoring System for use amongst Naval Service Personnel International Maritime Health 2016; 67,3:1-8;

8.            Coppinger T., Lacey S., O’Neil C., Burns C. ‘Project Spraoi’: A randomized control trial to improve nutrition and physical activity in school children Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications, Volume 3, 15 August 2016, Pages 94–101;

9.            Reidy M., Ryan F., Hogan D., Lacey S., Buckley C. Preparedness of Hospitals in the Republic of Ireland for an Influenza Pandemic, an Infection Control Perspective BMC Public Health 2015, 15:847;

10.            Benilov E.S., Lacey S.M., O'Brien S.B.G. 2005 Exploding solutions for three-dimensional rimming flows, Quart. Appl. Math. 58(4), 563-576.



1.            Fitzmaurice O. Johnson P., O’Meara N., Lacey S. Insights into preservice teachers’ misconceptions of linear equations Conference: 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education, July 2016;

2.            Lacey S.M., Benilov E.S., O'Brien S.B.G. 2005 Explosive instabilities for a three-dimensional liquid film inside a horizontal rotating cylinder Proceedings of the ICNAAM-2005;

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