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Department of Mathematics

Mathematics and Statistics plays a key role in almost every programme in the Cork Institute of Technology and therefore the vast majority of CIT students will have dealings with the CIT Department of Mathematics at some point in their time in CIT. The mathematics and statistics modules that you take with the CIT Department of Mathematics are designed to complement and support your chosen programme.

Some programmes, such as in the Faculty of Engineering & Science, are very mathematical in their nature and you will take mathematics and statistics modules all the way through to the end of your programme. Other programmes may have slightly less mathematical content but any mathematics and statistics modules that you take will be continually relied upon over the duration of your studies.

We are committed to giving you the tools you need to maximise your chances of having success in your studies. Whether it be working with you one-to-one in small class groups in tutorials, referrals to the Academic Learning Centre where you can get even more one-to-one help or delivering a Maths for Matures preparatory programme, throughout the CIT Department of Mathematics you will find committed and talented educators helping you improve your mathematical toolbox every step of the way.

However not only do we support so many of the programmes in Cork Institute of Technology, but in conjunction with the CIT Department of Computing, the Department of Mathematics also provides a programme of its own: a Higher Diploma in Science in Data Science and Analytics. The “Big Data” programme, as it is known, gives Level 8 graduates an entry path to this new, exciting and innovating area of data analysis.

We also play a number of other roles in CIT. Whether it be upskilling post-primary mathematics teachers, assisting student engineering projects or working on our own particular areas of research, the CIT Department of Mathematics team is not only committed to providing quality mathematics and statistics teaching across the Faculties and Colleges of CIT but is also responsive to educational and industrial demands as they arise.