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Big Data

Big Data – HDip in Data Science & Analytics


In recent years the falling cost of digital storage, the increasing move towards online information processing and other related technological developments have made it possible for organisations to collect massive amounts of data about their customers, users and processes. Data analytics is the science of extracting actionable insight for large amounts of raw data in order to enable better decision making within an organisation.

The Higher Diploma in Science in Data Science & Analytics programme has been designed to reflect the interdisciplinary nature of this new area which draws from Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Machine Learning, and Business Intelligence. With this in mind, particular care has been taken to ensure the development of each strand – Statistics & Mathematics, Computer Science and Data Science – throughout the programme. Furthermore, the programme will provide the learner with the opportunity to integrate and synthesise the learning acquired in each of these fields, and to apply it to real-life problems in the data analytics sphere.

In the first semester, the overarching ‘signature’ module, DATA8001: Data Science and Analytics, not only introduces the learner to the world of big data, but also motivates and integrates the knowledge, skills and competences acquired in the other five modules, each of which is focused on the development of one of the three core strands. There will be significant opportunity, from the outset, to apply theoretical knowledge and develop problem solving skills through practical and laboratory sessions.

In the second semester, the treatment of each of these three strands is further developed and deepened, with increased focus on the problems involving big data sets. The learner will also undertake a capstone project, which will be a key opportunity to demonstrate the ability to synthesise the learning acquired in the programme, and to apply it to the solution of an authentic problem in the area of Data Science & Analytics.

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Speakers pictured at the Big Data Analytics seminar entitled 'Reason, Rigour, Fin Barre and Boole at the Cork Institute of Technology: L to R: Shane Whelan, Aengus Daly. Sarah Crilly, Pádraig McCarthy (IBM), Áine Ní Shé, Karl O'Connell, Paul Rockley, Niall Fitzgerald (Xanadu Consultancy), Brian Duffy.

Pic: Diane Cusack